‘Freaked out’ Democrats in meeting with Hillary: Why are the polls ‘so close’?

Democrats are starting to panic over Hillary Clinton’s diminishing lead over GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

The recent polling which has Trump gaining huge strides around the country and particularly in swing states is said to have them quacking in their designer boots.

During a meeting with Senate Democrats in Nevada, Clinton was pressed about why the polls between she and Trump were so close, according to the Hill.

“Some people were freaked out, they were looking down at the polls on RealClearPolitics and asking why it was so close,” said a Democratic senator who attended the meeting, referring to a website lawmakers were checking out on their personal devices.

Clinton’s response? “She said there are other issues. People are unhappy and they don’t trust institutions,” the senator explained.

A second Democratic source in the meeting confirmed there was “a mention of the Florida poll.”


New polling is unsettling for the Clinton campaign, as she’s lost major ground with voters since the FBI decided not to suggest criminal charges after she mishandled classified intelligence as Secretary of State.

Other polls showed that a majority of Americans believed Clinton should have been indicted for her email scandal, with even a portion of Democrat voters saying she should have had criminals charges brought against her.

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