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President Obama will hold town hall on race–and Disney’s plans for it are called ‘unprecedented’

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President Barack Obama will hold a town hall on race relations on Thursday … which may be akin to an arsonist holding a discussion on forest fires.

The script for such an event has long been written and the nation can expect a one-sided lecture on race and police behavior from Obama’s progressive point of view, even though race relations in America have plummeted under this president’s divisiveness.

How bad is it? Pew Research reported Tuesday that Americans’ view of race relations is more negative than it has been for much of this century — an incredible statement given our history.

The town hall, titled “The President and The People: A National Conversation,” will air live, commercial free from Washington, D.C. ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir will co-moderate the event with ESPN commentator Jemele Hill — Hill’s inclusion is fitting, giving how the sports network has taken to showing its liberal bias.

Walt Disney Co. is taking the “unprecedented” step of airing the event on all of the networks it owns, which includes ABC-TV, ESPN, ABC News Digital, Freeform Digital, the WATCH ABC app, the WatchESPN app and ABC Radio, according to The Hill.

The online news site announced that the town hall “comes on the heels of a series of separate highly publicized shootings,” an account that presumably includes the black man who killed five white police officers in Dallas last week, while wounding seven other officers.

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Tom Tillison


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