In front of thousands tenor single-handedly changes lyrics to ‘All Lives Matter’ during Canadian anthem

A Canadian singer who changed the lyrics of the country’s national anthem in order to include the phrase “all lives matter” has been indefinitely suspended from his quartet singing group.

During a pre-game performance at the MLB’s All-Star Game, Remigio Pereira was singing ‘O Canada’ along with three group-members when he held up a sign that read “All Lives Matter,” whilst singing the phrase as a response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now, though, the group is ousting Pereira from the group, with one member saying “I don’t think we can see ourselves performing with Remigio again,” according to the Daily Mail.

But the group says it has less to do with Pereira’s stance and more to do with making their country’s national anthem a political tool to push his ideas, saying he “compromised” the song.

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