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Will Dems like Charlie Rangel put a ‘gun-free zone’ sign up at their homes to support gun control; let’s find out . . .

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In a new video from Project Veritas, journalist James O’Keefe confronts Democrat congressional staffers with a challenge to outwardly display their anti-gun position to the world.

The video shows O’Keefe’s people posing as a spokesman for the fictitious “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” as  approached the Democrats with a sign to display in their homes advertising that their residence is gun free.

But for some reason the staffers for some of the staunchest anti-gun legislators were not to eager to participate.

“I don’t have guns at my house,” Gregory Berry, who serves as chief counsel to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, told Project Veritas while he simultaneously refused to put the sign anywhere near his residence.

“I could,” he said. “But I don’t want to.”

Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers legislative assistant, Erik Sperling, said that he was so anti-gun that he supports a “European style” ban on firearms and still, even he was unwilling to advertise that fact for himself or his boss.

“The idea that my boss would be like flagging for — because Detroit is so violent — I mean that is presumably the main reason why people would be reluctant no?” he asked. “Even if I lived in Europe, I don’t know if I would want to draw attention to my house.”

California Rep. Barbara Lee’s communications director James Lewis admitted that he is “actually a gun owner” when he was confronted with the sign.

Project Veritas even went to the home of staunch anti-gun legislator Charles Rangel, the same Rangel that said lawmakers “deserve” armed protection but the average citizen does not, and he wasn’t too happy to see them.

“This is my home, I have a guest,” he said. “I need a little privacy, and I’m 100 percent on board with the issue.

“Why don’t you go where people need a little bit of pushing?” he asked. “I don’t need any encouragement, any support and you can put it down that you talked to me and you’re home free. But if you push it, then you make me unpleasant.”

The reporters asked him to take the sign but he walked away.

Carmine Sabia


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