‘We need to abolish the police’: Fox News panelist reveals what ‘the movement’ really wants

During a heated debate on Fox News’ “Kelly File” on Monday, a community activist from Chicago gave the dumbest idea to date on how to solve the “problem” of police brutality.

“We need to abolish the police. Period,” Jessica Disu said to the groans of the rest of the panel that included other community activists, law enforcement professionals, religious leaders and political commentators.

“Demilitarize the police, disarm the police, and we need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice,” she continued.

How she thinks a disarmed police force would help in the mecca of gun violence that is her hometown of Chicago, or what they could have done to end terrorist massacres like the ones in San Bernardino, Orlando or Dallas, is anyone’s guess.

“The police force in this country began as slave patrol,” she incorrectly stated later in her rant.

In fact the first police force in the United States was created in Boston in 1838, according to Police Studies Online.

More than 40 years after slavery was effectively abolished in the state of Massachusetts, according to the Massachusetts court system.

The creation of that police department was followed closely by others in New York City (1845), Albany and Chicago in (1851), New Orleans and Cincinnati (1853), Philadelphia (1855) and the cities of Newark, NJ and Baltimore (1857).

Not exactly hotbeds of slavery.

But who needs facts when you have a narrative to push?

Dana Loesch and others on social media took Disu to task for her suggestion.

Carmine Sabia


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