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Obama BEGAN with a moving eulogy to slain officers . . . Michelle Malkin sums up ending with one bad word

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President Barack Obama spoke in Dallas on Tuesday and delivered a moving tribute to the five slain law enforcement officers.

He should have stopped there.

The president shared intimate details about the five officers, including their relationships with their wives and children and how the men went about their normal routine in the days that lead up to last week’s shooting. He said the men were heroes.

“These five heroes knew more than most that we cannot take the blessings of this country for granted,” Obama said.

He quoted from the Bible and even called the black gunman killing five white police officers for what it was, saying the attack was as “an act not just of demented violence but of racial hatred.”

But then Obama let ideology get the better of him.

First by offering words of support for Black Lives Matter protesters while legitimizing their complaints against police. He told the nation the violent anti-police movement should not be dismissed as troublemakers.

He then lectured the country on race, the irony of Obama being the first black man elected president not lost on the casual observer.

And he fell back on his customary push for gun control, a familiar refrain from this president following national tragedies involving gunmen.


All of which prompted social media users to weigh in, including conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin, who summarized Obama’s politicizing of the memorial to four dead cops with one word: “Bullshit.”

Here’s a sampling of responses to the “Chief Enabler” from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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