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Media slobbers over one photo, but not everyone is buying in

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Fox News host Greg Gutfield slammed the mainstream media and its divisive coverage of Black Lives Matter.

Gutfield made his comments on Fox News’ “The Five” on Monday, criticizing the media which “slobbers”over a photo of a black woman standing in the middle of a street facing police officers in riot gear in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Image: Screengrab Fox News

“A lone woman stands against the evil militarized police,” he said. “So even after five good men are murdered, the stereotype must be maintained. The brutal force against the bravely peaceful. How touching. How fake.”

He blasted The New York Times for a story it published Sunday stating that the death of the Dallas police officers last week by a sniper halted the “strides” of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The newspaper’s claim that BLM faces its biggest crisis yet is an example of their “default response,” Gutfield said. “Grievance always trumps grieving.”

He added that it must be hard for the Times to report on “a new study that finds absolutely no racial bias in police shootings, which undermines the whole narrative.”

“But facts lose to feelings, for identity politics always culminates in emotional tribalism,” he said.  “Because such division always guarantees attention.”

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