Loretta Lynch was asked to explain favoring Hillary over safety to the men in Arlington Cemetery

Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on the FBI’s recommendation not to seek criminal charges against Hillary Clinton in her email scandal, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was scolded by committee members one by one for not upholding the law.

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Az said Lynch’s decision to accept the FBI recommendation not to indict Clinton was “something that goes to the very heart of the rule of law in a republic that so many lying out in Arlington Cemetery have died to keep.”

Watch the clip by BPR here:

Franks cited Lynch’s stubborn refusal to answer even the simplest of questions for his willingness to yield his time, but he wasn’t surrendering without a fight.

“The far more capable members of this committee have summarily failed, as I just did, to get you to answer the most reasonable and relevant question,” Franks told Lynch. “Consequently, I’m going to simply capitulate to your prodigious dissimulation skills and suspend the remainder of my questions.”

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