Chaffetz plays awesome new game with Loretta Lynch called ‘Is it legal or illegal?’ Don’t miss this!

On Tuesday Attorney General Loretta Lynch repeatedly defended her Justice Department’s decision to not indict Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified emails while she was secretary of state.

Lynch talked in circles and didn’t provide many answers as lawmakers peppered her with questions for hours.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz grew quickly frustrated with Lynch’s unwillingness to answer, what he called, “pretty simple” questions like whether or not it is “legal or illegal to share classified information with somebody who doesn’t have a security clearance.”

“I think you’re sending a terrible message to the world, to those people that are trying to make some simple decisions,” he said. “The lack of clarity that you give to this body, the lack of clarity on this issue is pretty stunning”

But Lynch was unmoved as she stuck to her script for the remainder of Chaffetz questioning.

“My time has expired. I wish I had about 20 more minutes,” the exasperated representative said before yielding his time.

Chaffetz, along with Rep. Bob Goodlatte, put in a request to the FBI on Monday to launch an investigation to find out if Clinton committed perjury during her testimony about her email server before Congress last fall.

Carmine Sabia


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