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New Black Panther Party leader says blacks must move to 5 states and start a ‘country within a country’

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A top ‘New Black Panther Party’ leader says black Americans must begin moving to specific regions of the country in order to claim five prominent states.

In an exclusive Breitbart report, Babu Omowale told Breitbart reporter Aaron Klein that the militant racial organization wants blacks to move to Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia, saying that these are states that the ‘New Black Panther Party’ claim.

The revolutionary stated: “We just need to start migrating back to those states and taking control of the economics in those states. If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out. So it’s not a hard process for us to have our own country within a country.”

Omowale told Breitbart that the end-game was to completely segregate black Americans into their own areas in order to control the economics and politics of their region.

“What we are saying right now is we want to control the economics in our community,” Omowale told Breitbart. “We want to control the black dollars. The money that goes in, the money that goes out.”

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