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Dallas photographer captures real-time images of cop who saved him & now the stunning pics are going viral

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A Dallas photographer, Robert Moore, captured a stunning image of the cop who saved his life when a black man sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement opened fire, killing five police officers and wounding seven others.

“I heard the shots and turned to the right and saw one officer go down. And that’s when I knew it was quite real,” Moore told the Dallas Morning News.

Moore would end up pinned behind a car for two hours with cops as they responded to the assassin.

“A lot of chaos and a lot of obvious concern because they don’t know how many and they don’t know where,” he said, noting later that the officers were getting reports of shooters at numerous locations.

Moore posted a series of photographs on his Facebook wall capturing the frantic moments that have now gone viral.

He included this caption: “I spent two hours last night crouching behind a car at Lamar and Main, trying to ‘get small! get small!’ Much of it with this guy. I don’t know his name but I won’t forget him. ‪#‎prayfordallas.”‬

The officer protecting Moore was was later identified as 25-year-old James Dylan Smith.

In an interview with the Morning News, Moore said some people said they saw “fear” in Smith’s eyes, but he disagreed.

“What I see is a guy who is … calm, he’s collected, he’s completely in control and trained for the assignment he is there to do,” Moore said, describing Smith as “hyper-vigilant.”

Moore’s description of his harrowing ordeal can be seen here, courtesy of the Dallas Morning News:

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