CNN reporter suggests Black Lives Matter should be allowed to break ‘whatever law’ to block city streets

As Black Lives Matter mobs coursed through the country over the last week disrupting cities, indulging property destruction, and attacking police, CNN had an idea on how authorities should react to the protests: let protesters do whatever they want so they can “work it out.”

After unrest across the country, CNN reporter Victor Blackwell seemed outraged that BLM activist DeRay McKesson was arrested for illegally obstructing a highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as he participated in a protest there. On “News Day Sunday” Blackwell asked CNN Law Enforcement Analyst Art Roderick why the police in New York allowed BLM activists to block streets while protesting but police in Louisiana resorted to arresting McKesson for “breaking whatever law?”

Blackwell seemed pained that McKesson was arrested for “simple obstruction of a highway” and led Roderick to idea that cities should allow BLM activists to do whatever they wanted unmolested by law enforcement. Such a hands off policy, Blackwell seemed to be suggesting, was the only way to “keep peace.”

In reply, analyst Roderick slammed police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for enforcing the laws saying, “New York is probably a lot more used to this type of protest. And they know how to handle this particular situation. Baton Rouge, maybe not so much.”

Roderick then went on to say that eventually police in Baton Rouge will “learn” to let BLM protesters break any law they want during their protests. Roderick insisted Baton Rouge would, “learn through this process that, you know, even though they might not be permitted, let’s let them protest. Let’s let them work it out.”

After the segment was over it became obvious that both reporter Blackwell and analyst Roderick were of a mind that BLM activists should be given a free hand to do what ever they want as they protest. As Newsbusters so eloquently noted, in the interview “Roderick seemed to be channeling Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake whose administration infamously gave rioters “space to destroy,” following the controversial death of Freddie Gray.”


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