Big city university now forcing job applicants to make OUTRAGEOUS diversity pledge

The University of Cincinnati has raised eyebrows with a new policy that demands that faculty, staff and new job applicants pledge a commitment to “diversity and inclusion” before being hired.

The new pledge demand has become a key ingredient of its stated goal of hiring “historically underrepresented” employees as part of its “UC Affirmative Action Plan” calling for the hiring of more African Americans, women and other minorities.

“As of July 1, the University of Cincinnati will request a Diversity and Inclusion statement of all applicants for faculty and staff positions,” The College Fix recently reported. “Faculty and administrative/professional applicants will be asked to submit a personal statement summarizing his or her contributions (or potential contributions) to diversity, inclusion and leadership.”

As part of its process of screening the 63,000 applicants the university gets annually, job seekers will now have to answer to following question: “As an equal-opportunity employer with a diverse staff and student population, we are interested in how your qualifications prepare you to work with faculty, staff and students from cultures and backgrounds different from your own.”

A spokesman for the college insisted the new focus on “diversity” shows that the University is a “global” concern.

“Asking for diversity and inclusion statements in our application processes signals that we are global, we are national and we want to become more so in drawing students, staff and faculty that reflect today’s world,” he said.

The spokesman went on to insist that the school wouldn’t create any sort of ranking process to assess answers to the diversity question, but he also said how applicants answer the query would figure as an important measure of their suitability for being hired.

The new hiring process is also part of a 20-page “Diversity Action Plan” the school recently put in place.

“We’re all better off with diversity in our lives,” the school’s chief human resources officer said in the policy statement, “and it’s part of demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion and setting expectations and priorities.”


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