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Former DOJ lawyer finds just 2 words in Comey’s testimony that show AG Lynch rigged Hillary case

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Many people were angered when FBI Director James Comey announced that he recommended the Department of Justice not prosecute Hillary Clinton.

But a former lawyer for the DOJ said it wasn’t Comey’s fault.

J. Christian Adams, who is also the president and general counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation and the Election Law Center founder, said the reason Clinton isn’t being prosecuted was because of the DOJ, not Comey.

He explained it to conservative radio host Mark Levin on Thursday.

“People get the idea that there’s some sort of Chinese wall between the DOJ and the FBI, like they don’t communicate before the recommendation is made. But there is no Chinese wall.

He (Comey) not only would consult them, he said that he consulted them, that there was an ongoing give and take. And the important thing for people to understand is that during that give and take, that’s when the FBI realizes how high the hurdle is for them to make a case.”

He explained that the DOJ, of whom he said half were “in the tank” for Clinton, could have set the bar so high for prosecution that it was unattainable.

“The DOJ lawyers, you know that mostly they donate to Hillary — when you look at the disclosures and the campaign finances.
They’re in the tank, half of them, for Hillary. Those guys could be rolling their eyes. They could be pushing back, saying that’s not enough evidence.

There’s a constant give and take. Comey was talking to Lynch about it. So those are the moments when the antagonism manifests, when the DOJ shows that they don’t like the case.

When he said in the hearing today that they have ‘grave concerns‘ about using the statute, that tells me that it was the DOJ that sabotaged this — not the FBI.”


h/t: IJReview.

Carmine Sabia


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