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Dramatic video: Dad grabs officer’s gun, kills cop who was trying to arrest his son

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The dramatic moment a father grabbed a police officer’s gun and opened fire as his son was being arrested was captured on video.

The incident occurred in Brazil on Friday when police asked Ismael Pereira de Souza’s son to turn down the music in his car, the Daily Mail reported. The son initially complied but then turned the music back up, prompting police to return.

Caution: Disturbing Content:

“Ismael’s son had his music in his car on too loud. Police went to ask him to turn it down and he reduced the volume before putting it up again as they left,” a police spokesman said, according to the Mail.

Two officers tried to arrest the son as a hysterical woman intervened. It is at this point that de Souza, 49, comes up behind Officer Uires Alves da Silva and grabs his weapon from the holster and opens fire.

A 15 shot gun-fight ensues and Officer da Silva is killed with his own weapon — the Mail reported that the father appeared to stand over the cop and shoot him at close range.

The cop-killer was apparently killed by da Silva’s partner, who was also injured.

As for the trouble-making son, he was arrested after receiving treatment at a local hospital for a gunshot in the leg. He was detained on suspicion of homicide because he allegedly participated in the crime that led to the officer’s murder, according to police.

Tom Tillison


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