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Chick-fil-A’s act of support for cops could be considered real act of courage

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Thursday’s carnage in Dallas, just 200 miles to the north of College Park, elevated Chick-fil-A’s previous act of support for police to what could be seen in the future as an act of courage.

The popular fast food chain Chick-fil-A has never been a stranger to controversy, and has always weathered the storm with self-confidence and a cheery smile.

But a position at one of its Texas locations that was noble last November could put the sandwich-making outfit on the receiving end of more than mere hate speech in this environment — it could lead to violence, if recent events are any indication.

In a move that left law enforcement officers grateful, but may have ruffled the feathers of “Black Lives Matters” supporters, the College Park, Texas Chick-fil-A location began supporting law enforcement with a T-shirt design, that appropriately says, “Back the Blue,” and the restaurant proudly displayed it on its Facebook page.


The location wanted to “show our support for Police Lives Matter” because “they are out on our streets every day,” restaurant manager Eli Advincula told TheBlaze at the time.

In November the restaurant was countering the acts of employees at other restaurant chains, who would, for example, write “BlackLivesMatter” on the cups of coffee intended for law enforcement officers.

Black Lives Matter groups and U.S. liberal politicians have caused the “morally justified” hate to grow to dangerous levels.

God help us all when even a tee-shirt could become dangerous.


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