BLM activist DeRay Mckesson happy to be arrested in Baton Rouge, but the poor dear was uncomfortable

Cuffs too tight, DeRay?

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson was arrested Saturday night in Baton Rouge while participating in a protest against the death of Alton Sterling, an armed black man killed while resisting police.

“No justice, no peace! No racist police!” people chanted as they walked alongside a road, one day after a black man sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement killed five Dallas law enforcement officers.

As seen in a video posted on Facebook, Mckesson was live-recording the protest when police suddenly arrest him. An officer can be heard warning demonstrators that they’ll be arrested if they step into the road.

“You in them loud shoes, if I see you in the road, if I get close to you, you’re going to jail,” a cop is heard saying.

The race activist, wearing bright red Nike sneakers, responded by saying “police continue to just provoke people” … after all, with the White House on his side, why should Mckesson be expected to follow lawful commands of an alleged racist police officer.

Mckesson was a central figure in the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and played a key role in establishing the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie as a national rally cry. He would be rewarded for his contribution by being invited to the White House Christmas party last year.

And his presence in Baton Rouge — along with the high number of arrests — is a sign that professional agitators are in town and further unrest is very likely. The New Black Panthers are reportedly also there.

As for the quip about handcuffs being too tight, when not texting about loving his “blackness,” Mckesson was complaining that the plastic ties used by police to restrain protesters were too tight:

Naturally, the permanently aggrieved activist’s arrest got plenty of coverage from media allies… and support from fellow race agitators:

Tom Tillison


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