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Sheriff Clarke destroys BLM by bringing up fact about Dallas shooter no one wants to talk about

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has had enough of the Black Lives Matter movement and said it needs to be categorized as a hate group.

In the wake of the police ambush shooting in Dallas on Thursday that took the lives of five police officers, Clarke said it is time for Americans to “condemn and shun” the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I would like to see the Southern Poverty Law Center place Black Lives Matter alongside those other hate groups that were mentioned — these black nationalist groups, the Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam,” Clarke said on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Friday.

While admitting that placing them on such a list would not make the movement “go away,” Clarke said that people would begin to “delegitimize” and “marginalize” Black Lives Matter as a result.

“This movement needs to be marginalized,” Clarke said. “We have looked at this stuff, we have peeled back the layers, we’ve looked at the data, we’ve looked at the research.”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly pointed out that the gunman in the Dallas shooting was not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement. But Clarke referred to the gunman’s comments according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

“He said he wanted to kill white people,” Clarke told Kelly.

“It is time for the liberal mainstream media,” Clarke said, “to stop walking on eggshells and giving legitimacy to these rants, to all this false narrative coming out of this the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“We need to delegitimize this Black Lives Matter movement,” Clarke repeated, adding, “We’ve had enough of their nonsense.”

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Video from Fox News.


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