Obama’s last shot before leaving Poland: ‘It’s very hard to untangle motives of Dallas shooter’

During a press briefing at the 2016 NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland Saturday, President Barack Obama claimed to have no idea of the motives behind the murders of five Dallas police officers last week.

A reporter for The Associated Press asked Obama to “help us understand how you would describe” the motives of the Dallas gunman.

“First of all, I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter,” the president answered. “I’ll leave that to psychologists and people who study these kinds of incidents…I think the danger is that we somehow suggest the act of a troubled individuals speaks to some larger political statement across the country.”

Dallas police chief David Brown, during his own press briefing following the carnage, said that the suspected shooter “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

Obama has mentioned on more than one occasion that he gets his information on the day’s events from commercial news sources.

Brown’s comments were widely distributed on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Channel and CNN. They were also more than likely reported on MSNBC CNBC and Fox Business Network.

Maybe his television was on the fritz that day. Or maybe the police chief’d remarks didn’t fit the administration’s narrative, which was succinctly tweeted by The Daily Wire’s editor in chief Ben Shapiro.

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