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Obama says he’s coming home early, and the reason he gives has people laughing uncontrollably

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President Obama is (not) rushing home early from Europe to “continue” what he never started.

The president ​carried on his scheduled trip following the deadly attack Thursday that claimed the lives of five police officers and the suspected gunman, addressing the tragedy in a speech from Europe.

According to a statement by the White House, Obama will ​r​eturn home on Sunday, ​​three days after the national tragedy that has left the nation in shock, but ONE day ​earlier than planned​. And what he plans to do when he gets back is as unbelievable as it sounds.

​His mission upon his return is “to find common ground” and “to continue the work to bring people together​.”

Of course, the expectation of success is not very high for a man who has not done a great job in uniting anyone.

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Frieda Powers


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