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Hate America group: Bill O’Reilly calls Black Lives Matter EXACTLY what they are to NAACP official’s face

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Fox News host Bill O’Reilly teed off on Black Lives Matter Friday night, as he accused the group of making racial tensions and said it “inflames rather than illuminates .”

In his “Talking Points” segment, O’Reilly cited the dangerous anti-police rhetoric from many who side with the organization, prior to the murder of five Dallas police officers on Thursday and said Black Lives Matter is “essentially a hate America” group.”

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The “O’Reilly Factor” host got more detailed in his criticism of the group later in the program when he spoke to NAACP Washington bureau director Hilary Shelton.


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“I think that if you really want, if African-Americans really want to bring the country together and have good racial relations, they have to distance themselves from Black Lives Matter,” the host said.

Shelton disagreed and said that he had participated in a peaceful march to the White House with the group.

But O’Reilly wasn’t having it.

He told Shelton that “there very few white Americans who respect Black Lives Matter” and that “white Americans despise this crew” because of violent protests like the one that took place in Oakland on Friday, that resulted in the protesters breaking windows, vandalizing property and shutting down a highway.

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