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Protesters loot 7-Eleven store, dance and mock Dallas cops in wake of deadly ambush

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Protesters without a conscious took advantage of the chaos that followed the deadly Dallas attack on police by looting a nearby 7/11 convenience store.

The protesters ended up at that location only because they were pushed to safety by police.

They took advantage of the chaos by looting beer and alcohol from the establishment.

The thugs even assaulted the vehicles of the WFAA-TV news crew who was on hand to report about the incident.

“The reason we got to this location so late is because our vehicles were parked in this parking lot and we had a very hard time getting our vehicles out because there were so many people surrounding it,” WFAA reporter Jobin Panicker said.

“And also people putting their beer bottles, and pouring their beer and alcohol all over of vehicles,” he said.

What’s worse is that the miscreants danced and taunted police as they appeared to be celebrating the deaths of the Dallas officers, WFAA reported.

“What we’re noticing is a lot of people here taunting officers,” Panicker said.

Carmine Sabia


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