Piers Morgan is unhappy about a naked Emily Ratajowski. But she’s not horsing around with response

Failed CNN talk show host Piers Morgan seemed a bit put off by the recent photo of actress and model Emily Ratajowski showing her in a Lady Godiva-like pose, nude atop a horse. Morgan posted a quick, snide twitter comment about the photo, but her cutting reply has everyone talking.

The nude photos appear in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar and feature the actress and model sitting in the nude atop a horse with long tresses of brunette hair cascading down to obscure all the private bits.

But after the photos hit the press, Piers quickly jumped to his Twitter feed to quip, “Do you want me to buy you some clothes? You look freezing.”

But Ratajowski’s reply was a decisive burn to Morgan’s ego.

This isn’t the first time Brit Piers Morgan has told some model or actress that he’d like to buy them some clothing to cover them up. He used the same line against social media star Kim Kardashian when she posted a nude selfie not long ago, according to Teen Vogue.

In any case, Ratajowski’s photos certainly have everyone sitting up and taking notice.


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