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Civilian mother of 4 reportedly shot in Dallas attack shielding her children from sniper fire

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In addition to the 11 law enforcement officers who were shot — five fatally — by snipers at a Dallas protest rally Thursday night, at least one civilian also received a gunshot wound in the shooting spree.

Shetamia Taylor, 37, who attended the demonstration with her family, was struck in her right calf as they were leaving the event, according to The Daily Beast.

Taylor is the mother of four boys, ages 12 to 17, and she shielded them as best she could when the snipers opened fire and hit her.

Her sister, Theresa Williams, who also attended the protest, told reporters that Taylor threw herself on her sons when she was hit by the sniper’s bullet.

Taylor was treated in surgery for her injuries early Friday.

Black Lives Matter activists expressed glee over the murders of the five police officers and wounding of six others, and hoped that they would all die. It’s not surprising BLM supporters haven’t widely condemned the horrific and cowardly actions that also nearly took the life of an innocent mother trying to protect her sons. 

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