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After Dallas shooting kills 5 cops, his face was plastered all over America. Then witness video turns up…

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An alleged suspect in the Dallas police shooting who turned himself in to authorities after his picture was circulated, reportedly had nothing to do with the attack.

Dallas police released a photo of a man man wearing camouflage and carrying a long gun after the deadly ambush that left 11 officers shot and five dead following a peaceful protest of recent police killings nationwide. The man was later identified as Mark Hughes.

Hughes reportedly turned himself in to police, was questioned and released after being cleared, according to CBS News.

Hughes was not aware of the search for him as police had circulated his photos and marked him as a “person of interest” until he received a call. “Immediately, I flagged down a police officer,” Hughes told KTVT.

Cory Hughes, a protest organizer and brother of Mark Hughes, was “100 percent sure” his brother was not involved and urged him to turn his gun over to police to avoid an “accident.”

“My brother was marching with us. Because he’s my brother and I understood the severity of the situation, I told my brother, ‘Give that gun away,”‘ Cory Hughes told KTVT.  He said he was “overwhelmed” by the situation and that his brother was only exercising his constitutional right to carry his weapon.

“He never thought that by exercising his right, he’d be plastered over the national media as a suspect,” Cory Hughes said, before being interrupted when law enforcement officers came to speak with him. He later tweeted that he and his brother were with the police.

Other evidence began to surface on social media that showed Mark Hughes marching with other demonstrators during the protest. One witness told KTVT that Hughes was with her during the protest.

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