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Trump’s reaction to Attorney Gen. letting Hillary off the hook is everything we hoped for

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Donald Trump unloaded on Hillary Clinton following U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s announcement that no charges would be brought against her.

Speaking to a large crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Wednesday, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee slammed the “rigged system” that let “crooked Hillary” off the hook.

“She’s ‘crooked Hillary’ that’s all you have to know, she’s crooked as hell,” Trump said.

He went into details about how Clinton lied about her emails.

“We have a crooked system, we have a rigged system, we have a dishonest press,” Trump added.

After reading some of the points about Clinton’s email scandal, Trump told the crowd:

“I’ll tell you something. You know when it’s going to be set straight? In November, you’re going to get out and vote and it’s going to be set straight.”

Following the rally in Ohio, Trump posted a message on Twitter.

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