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America’s favorite hardass Marine has strong words for Hollywood libs blackballing him for 6 years

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Even with dozens of movies and television shows to his credit, Marine turned actor R. Lee Ermey can’t seem to get a break in Hollywood.

Ermey, nicknamed “Gunny,” is familiar to fans for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in “Full Metal Jacket” and for his Outdoor Channel reality show “GunnyTime,” which is now in its second season.

But the actor, who has also done voiceover work on “Toy Story,” said he has been “blackballed” from Hollywood and he knows the reason why.

“I’ve had a very fruitful career. I’ve done over 70 feature films,” the 72 year-old told FOX411. “I’ve done over 200 episodes of [‘GunnyTime’]… and then [Hollywood] found out that I’m a Conservative.”

“I’m an Independent, but I said something bad about the president. I had something unsavory to say about the president’s administration, and even though I did vote for him the first time around, I was blackballed,” he said.

Ermey believes his criticism of Obama and his association with the NRA as a board member have cost him acting jobs.

“Do you realize I have not done a movie in five to six years? Why? Because I was totally blackballed by the… liberals in Hollywood,” he said. “They can destroy you. They’re hateful people [who] don’t just not like you, they want to take away your livelihood… that’s why I live up in the desert on a dirt road… I don’t have to put up with their crap.”

He also spoke out about gun control legislation on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

“Criminals don’t go to the gun shop to get their guns, let’s get this straight right now. The criminals buy their guns off the streets,” said Ermey. “Every normal, logical level-headed individual should be armed.”

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Video from Fox News.


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