New Democratic Party platform boldly promises to reshape America through illegal immigration

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The Democratic Party is hellbent on remaking America into its own image, and that necessarily includes a bold-faced policy aimed at continuing to shape the American ELECTORATE into a permanent Democratic majority.

How do they intend to do this? Why, by continuing their relentless push to bring as many Third World immigrants here as possible, particularly from Mexico and Central America (because these folks, for some reason, tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic), and by shamelessly pandering to the Hispanics who are already here.

The party platform, which as late as 2012 had at least called for undocumented immigrants to “get right with the law, learn English, and pay taxes in order to get on a path to earn citizenship,” is now going full-Hispander in their 2016 adaptation by dropping the whole English expectation altogether.

After all, why learn English when Americans can just learn Spanish?

Taking a sharply liberal stance on all things immigration (OK, all things period, but this story is about immigration so just roll with it), which it calls “a defining aspect of the American character and history,” Politico reports, “The platform calls for a path to citizenship ‘for law-abiding families who are here,’ the defense of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, the end of immigration raids against children and families, due process for “those fleeing violence in Central America,” and to rescind statutory bans on immigrants who modify their status in the country.”

The platform also calls Donald Trump to task for his Muslim travel ban proposal, calling religious tests for entry un-American (because everyone knows Washington, Madison, and Jefferson were keen on bringing as many Muslims here as possible), and the fact that Trump wants silly, outdated things like borders for our country.

“Finally, Democrats will not stand for the divisive and derogatory language of Donald Trump. His offensive comments about immigrants and other communities have no place in our society. This kind of rhetoric must be rejected,” the platform reads.

Responding to the migrant and refugee crisis that saw thousands of migrants from Central America, many unaccompanied children, pour across our porous borders, the platform does take a stab at wanting to address the “root causes of violence” at the heart of those migrations.

Whatever “solution” they come up with, you can bet it’ll result in even more Third World immigrants coming to America.

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Scott Morefield

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Scott Morefield


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