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‘Hillary Clinton killed my friends’ shirts a huge hit claims former Navy SEAL creator

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A new T-shirt and bumper sticker are getting a lot of attention this political season.

They say, “Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends.”

The T-shirt is the brainchild of former Navy SEAL Tej Gill, who was friends of Benghazi victims Tyrone Woods, who was his mentor, and Glen Doherty, his former roommate.

Gill’s organization, Project Warpath, created the T-shirts based on the bumper sticker that was being marketed by a friend and which were well-received both within and outside the SEAL community.

“So I started making these T-shirts,” Gill said on “Fox & Friends Weekend.” “Everywhere we go, everyone [who] wears them, we get nothing but positive feedback.”

“The security at the consulate was poor at best. The terrorists literally pushed the gate in,” Gill said. “So my friends down the street at the CIA annex, they had to rescue the State Department folks, and they lost their lives that night when they were in the fight of their life.”

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Clip via Fox News Channel.

And word of both the T-shirt and bumper sticker is spreading on social media.


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