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Trump called anti-Semitic over use of ‘Star of David’ – just one tiny problem here . . . everyone’s gone mad!

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Love him or hate him, there is plenty legitimate criticism aimed at Donald Trump, can we back off the completely ridiculous made up stuff?

…like a six-pointed star shaped like the Star of David.

The presumptive GOP nominee posted a meme on Twitter alleging that Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is corrupt. The meme featured a Fox News poll in which a majority of respondents describe her as being corrupt and included a backdrop of money and a caption embedded on a red star that said: “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

That the star resembled the Star of David — it could also be a sheriff’s badge — was enough for some to label Trump as “anti-Semitic.”

trump tweet

As criticism built, Trump would delete the original tweet and replace it with a meme that used a red circle instead:


But the anti-Trump forces had already been set in motion, alleging he intentionally used the symbol of Judaism. More than one social media user pointed out that the six-point star also represents a sheriff’s badge, which is sure to scare the criminally minded.

Here’s a quick sampling from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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