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Minnesota man’s reason for beheading friend while girlfriend watched could not be more chilling

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A Minnesota man has been charged for allegedly beating, stabbing and beheading his friend over reported allegations of rape.

Joseph Thoresen, 35, was charged Wednesday with the second degree murder of 20 year-old David Alexander Haiman, KBJR reported. Haiman’s body was found in Deer River one week after the killing when  Thoreson told authorities the horrific details of what had transpired.

Once the suspect was in custody, court documents reveal, Thoreson allegedly told police that he hit Haiman over the head with a baseball bat after telling him to check the oil of his car. He said he stabbed Haiman in the lungs using a machete, and cut off Haiman’s head and threw it into the woods. Thoreson allegedly dragged Haiman’s body into the woods as well, according to KBJR.

Thoresen reportedly told authorities that he and his girlfriend were riding with the victim in his car after tying him up and beating him for allegedly raping Thoreson’s girlfriend.

KBJR reported:

The criminal complaint alleges the girlfriend told investigators the killing took place near Ball Club, Minnesota. She says after the murder they drove back to Thoresen’s apartment in Grand Rapids and cleaned up the blood.

The complaint also states the girlfriend told Thoresen that Haiman had raped her and she told investigators on the day of the murder she confronted him, tied him up and beat him.

According to Court documents, when Thoresen arrived, he punched Haiman repeatedly and told him that he should not have raped his girl. They then allegedly got into Haiman’s car and drove to Deer Rapids where the court documents say the murder took place.


A judge set Thoreson’s  bond at $2 million and he is due back in court July 5, according to KBJR. His girlfriend has not been indicted at this time.

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