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Poll that shows what Dems really think of Hillary is both frightening and telling at the same time

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They’d rather endure another term under Obama.

New poll results were released Friday that suggests an overwhelming majority of voters who identify as Democrats are disappointed with their party’s choice of presumptive presidential nominee.

The conservative polling organization WPA Research found that 67 percent of Democratic respondents would prefer a third term under President Obama than they would a new one under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to The Hill.

A mere 28 percent claimed to be looking forward to a Clinton administration.

The poll numbers also suggest that the president is enjoying a strong surge of support within his party, despite his dismal record as a chief executive.

Internationally, it includes an inability to deal with al-Qaida and Islamic State terrorists and a weakened status among the world’s nations.

Domestically, we’re witness to the longest recovery of a recession in recent memory, a disintegration of race relations, a labor participation rate that decreased to 62.6 percent in May, which is near its 38-year low, and a doubling of the national debt.

The president has done little to nothing during his second term in office. He managed to pass two major pieces of legislation through Congress during his first term — the economic stimulus package and the Affordable Care Act. Both were dismal failures

The Hill reported:

A Washington Post-ABC News survey released this week found Obama’s net approval rating approaching 80 points in positive territory among Democrats. Former President Bill Clinton was at about 60 points positive within his own party at this point in 2000, while former President George W. Bush was under 40 with Republicans.


“The results should give pause to the Hillary Clinton campaign as Democratic respondents clearly prefer the status quo to a Clinton presidency,” a memo from WPA said.

To think of another term under Obama is nothing short of  frightening. But then again, look at the alternative.


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