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Trump’s rise across the country is linked to something very specific that Obama will never get, says analyst

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Fox News terrorism analyst Sebastian Gorka explained exactly why GOP nominee Donald Trump is on the rise, and it’s not for the reason you’d expect.

Responding to a question about President Obama’s statement that Trump should not call himself a “populist,” Gorka explained how out of touch the president really is, as captured by Real Clear Politics.

“The Trump phenomenon is a direct response to [Obama’s] divisive presidency,” Gorka said. “The idea that you make commonsense suggestions, that you don’t want an influx of migrants from active war zones where Jihad is going right now — that is bad?”

“That is a negative form of populism,” he said. “The president is so thin-skinned that he is taking the common sense approach from Trump personally, and he really doesn’t understand why Americans are so very, very concerned.”

“The average American is really afraid [of terrorism] and they have every right to be.”

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