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Rio Olympics has gruesome reminder of nation’s troubles wash ashore on the volleyball beach

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With just a few weeks until Brazil hosts the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, a gruesome discovery has unnerved the host city of Rio de Janeiro.

Parts of a mutilated body were discovered washed up on the shore of Copacabana beach in Rio right in front of the Olympic Beach Volleyball Arena, according to The Guardian.

Though it was not clear on Wednesday what the circumstances are surrounding the body, it is another blow to the city which has faced rising crime, recession and depleted state finances.

Earlier this month, Rio’s acting governor, Francisco Dornelles declared a financial emergency in the state as a result of a recession, falling oil revenues and increases in public expenditures. Though Brazil’s federal government has given assurances that requests for emergency funding will come through, Dornellas has publicly said the Olympics could be “a big failure” if those funds do not appear, according to the Guardian.

Political instability has also plagued Brazil as its senate works to remove suspended president Dilma Rousseff, who faces impeachment charges for allegedly breaking budget laws. The trial is expected to finish after the Olympic Games, which are scheduled from August 5 to 21.

The state has also had to combat financial problems in completing infrastructure needed to accommodate the Olympics as well as health threats due to the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

A demonstration was held earlier this week at Rio’s international airport by police and firefighters protesting missed wages. Holding signs that said “Welcome to Hell,” they warned of the dangers facing visitors to the Olympic host city.

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Video from The Guardian.

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