We all know Obama was missing during Benghazi attack, but what he did the day after has many FURIOUS

According to the report from the House Benghazi Committee, President Obama opted to skip his daily intelligence briefing the day after the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi.

An appendix to the 800 page report reveals that the daily briefing on Sept. 12, 2012 by the president’s executive coordinator was handed to a White House usher after briefing White House chief of staff Jack Lew. Obama did not ask for an oral briefing that day.

Appendix H in the Benghazi committee report provides 14 pages of the transcribed interview with the executive coordinator of Obama’s presidential daily briefing.

From Appendix H:

“Normally, upon completion of the PDB, the Executive Coordinator would travel to the White House, brief the Chief of Staff, and if the President required a briefing, she would brief the President.

She testified: So during the weeks that I produced the PDB, I would produce it, and then they would drive me to the White House, and I would produce—or I would brief Jack Lew first, who was the Chief of Staff. And if the President required a brief during that day or chose to take a brief, then I would give him a brief, and if not, then his briefer—then the DNI would brief him. When we were on travel, I always briefed the President. That was my responsibility whenever we would fly.

On September 12, 2012, the morning after the Benghazi attacks, the Executive Coordinator—the individual presenting the President with his Presidential Daily Brief—traveled to the White House. That day, however, she did not present the PDB to the President. Instead, she gave it to an usher.”

Obama’s reaction and his actions the day after the terror attack that claimed four American lives remain a bit of a mystery as he has refused to answer the committee’s questions.

The president chose not to receive a personal briefing on the day following the attack, but opted for a routine memo before taking off for a campaign fundraiser in Las Vegas. Though it was  not unusual for the president to skip his oral briefing, doing so on this day will likely generate more questions and criticism.

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