Transgender candidates, with more than one big thing in common, win Democrat primaries in these states

For the first time in U.S. history a transgender candidate has won the primary from one of our major political parties. And it’s not only one transgender man who is up for office in the coming general election, but two such candidates have won primaries in two separate states. Strangely enough, both chose the name “Misty” for their transgender lifestyle.

As The Salt Lake Tribune reports, a candidate named Misty K. Snow has won the Democrat primary for U.S. Senate from Utah and will face incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee.

Snow, a 30-year-old grocery store clerk from Salt Lake City, thus becomes the first transgender man to run for U.S. Senate from a major political party.

“A lot of people have told me whether I win or lose, I’m already making a difference just by running,” Snow told the paper.

In the final primary results, Snow beat the closest Democrat opponent by nearly ten points.

The district Snow is running in, though, is a largely Republican one and the first polls show that incumbent Senator Lee holds a major advantage 51 to 37 percent.

Misty K. Snow isn’t the lone transgender candidate on a ballot this year, though. Also winning a primary was a transgender man from Colorado, also named Misty.

Misty Plowright, 33, won the Democrat primary to face Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.

This second Misty is an IT worker for a company near Colorado Springs. Plowright also handily won this year’s Democrat primary earning 13,000 votes to the closest opponent’s 9,600.


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