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Rush Limbaugh has strong words for anyone who doesn’t think Benghazi report told us anything new

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Talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the House Select Committee on Benghazi releasing its final report on Tuesday, saying “the media’s not interested in what’s in the report” and that many outlets are “running with the conclusion from this report that Hillary Clinton is innocent.”

Limbaugh also charged that Clinton is a security risk to the country and the media doesn’t seem to care.

“Mrs. Clinton gaining the White House, it’s all that matters,” he said, according to the show’s transcripts.

“Hillary Clinton is a security risk before she blabs to her daughter about what really went on,” Limbaugh explained. “She is a security risk before she’s calling all of these foreign leaders and admitting that they are lying.”

He countered the Democrats’ argument that the select committee failed to turn up anything new in its investigation.

“I’ll tell you something that’s new that the Americans have found out and our enemies have found out at the same time, which is that Hillary Clinton is a blabbermouth,” he said. “She’ll tell top-secret information to her daughter, Chelsea — who probably doesn’t have any security clearance — and make her into a target for international espionage.”

Limbaugh then pointed to what he referred to as “the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.”

“Hillary Clinton’s been selling access to her future presidency for years — to foreign governments, foreign entities — to the tune of over $100 million,” he said.

“They have sold everything about this country and its policy and its future for their own personal gain in terms of amassing incredible wealth. Security risk? Long ago was that established.”

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Tom Tillison


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