Meanwhile, CNN’s hot news, Obama stacks ‘Cheerios’ on a stuffed dog …

Had another Islamic terrorist attack during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan not occurred Tuesday, President Barack Obama stacking Cheerios on a stuffed dog seemed to be a perfect focal point for CNN.

Forget that the House Select Committee on Benghazi released its final report on the terrorist attack on the American consulate in Libya that resulted in four dead Americans, Obama was appealing to his fan base to register to vote — Democratic, of course.

As CNN reported, Obama was doing a public service announcement for Buzzfeed to promote voting, and was showing Americans five things that are harder to do than registering to vote — the challenging tasks include naming the “Game of Thrones” characters who have died on the show, stacking Cheerios, playing “Operation,” making a friendship bracelet and untangling headphones.

Never mind that the PSA contradicts the progressive left’s persistent claims of voter suppression.

With 204 days remaining in his final term and the world seemingly unraveling around him, Obama is on cruise control.

And the very same media allies who helped elect him are intent on gently ushering him out, no worse for the wear — their focus now shifting to the all-important task of protecting the president’s legacy.

But social media users were not as quick to let Obama, or CNN, off the hook… here’s a sampling of some of their responses from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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