Fox News hosts call Obama’s response to Istanbul attack ‘INSANE!’ Here’s what was more important . . .

The Islamic terrorist attack by ISIS in Istanbul, Turkey was addressed quickly by President Obama in front of world leaders on Wednesday, and then dismissed for more important issues, like climate change.

During a joint press conference with left-wing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Pena Nieto, Obama made a quick remark about the terrorist attack.

Here’s what the folks from Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered’ had to say about the statement:

Eric Bolling, Meghan McCain, Julie Roginsky, Harris Faulkner and Sandra Smith, discussed whether this response is sufficient after the suicide bombings that killed 41 people and wounded more than 200.

Bolling said it’s unclear what Obama is doing to, as he stated, make sure these attacks don’t happen.

“The president should have sent a stronger message. On a happier note? There is no happier note right now. People are dead. It’s insane! This PC crap where we can’t call Islamic terror what it is and say ‘we will defeat it’ is why it keeps happening there and in Orlando,” he said.

“Where’s the outrage!?” he added.

Meghan McCain said she just wants to see Obama show some anger on behalf of the American people.

“History will remember that Obama helped with the rise of ISIS! Just look angry. … Since we’re apparently not gonna do anything about it until we get a new leader in office. I thank God that whoever ends up being president, at least it’s no longer this president who’s making it worse,” said McCain.


Of course, the Twitter-verse noticed, along with Fox News hosts. Let’s just say, they weren’t happy with Obama.

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