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Federal judge trashes the Constitution all government officials swear an oath to defend

Richard Posner
Photo credit University of Chicago.

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In an op-ed piece for the far left website Slate, a federal judge said his fellow judges ought to spend no time studying the document that is the basis for every law in the United States.

Richard A. Posner, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, wrote that he saw “absolutely no value” in jurists learning the Constitution.

“I see absolutely no value to a judge of spending decades, years, months, weeks, day, hours, minutes, or seconds studying the Constitution, the history of its enactment, its amendments, and its implementation (across the centuries—well, just a little more than two centuries, and of course less for many of the amendments),” Posner wrote.

“Eighteenth-century guys, however smart, could not foresee the culture, technology, etc., of the 21st century. Which means that the original Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the post–Civil War amendments (including the 14th), do not speak to today,” he said.

Posner’s disregard for the Constitution is not rare among liberal activist judges, but it’s still frightening to see one admit it.

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