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Criminal on foot thought he’d outrun cops on the ground, but he didn’t see guy from the HELICOPTER!

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There’s that moment in every crook’s life when he thinks he is inches from being home free, only to find that getting away with it was all just an illusion.

But to find the end to your crime spree come THIS way, well that is just adding insult to injury.

This video posted to Facebook by Fox 26, Houston is an epic chase down of a fugitive on the run.

Local police first try to knock him over with a sideswipe of a police SUV. Yet the plucky runner just jumps right back up and takes off again.

But it is the big finish that amazes. Check out the video… wait for it…

That’s right, the police helicopter pilot lands his bird and personally chases down the fugitive.

#Bluelivesmatter, baby!


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