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Oops! House Dems accidentally release amount of consulting money paid to Clinton aide

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Democrats on the House Benghazi committee apparently released more information than intended in a response report aimed at attacking Republicans.

As GOP House committee members were set to release their findings from the inquiry into the 2012 Libyan attacks on Americans, Democrats published a preemptive response that unintentionally included the exceptional amount of money awarded to Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal for his consulting work with pro-Clinton organizations, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In an attempt to prove that Republicans unfairly used their subpoena power in questioning Blumenthal about his financial arrangements with David Brock, founder of the left-leaning Media Matters, Democrats released the transcript of Blumenthal answering the committee’s questions.

Portions of the transcript were redacted however, as the Times reported:

“But the redaction marks are easily erased by anyone able to use a computer’s cut-and-paste function. Once the marks are lifted, the transcript portion reveals some unflattering things for any partisans on the committee, Republican or Democrat.”

The transcript revealed that Blumenthal admitted receiving about $200,000 dollars from Brock’s organizations to just give advice. Following is a transcript excerpt that Democrats did not intend to publish:

“Q: Did you ever receive any payment from an organization called Media Matters?

A: Oh, yes. I did — I did receive payment in that period from Media Matters.

Q: Okay. And what was your relationship with Media Matters at that time period?

A: I was a consultant to Media Matters. I’m sorry I—

Q: That’s okay.

A: I overlooked that.

Q: When did you become a consultant for Media Matters?

A: I would say the very end of 2012.

Q: Okay. And how did that come about, that you became a consultant for Media Matters?

A: I have had a very long friendship with the chairman of Media Matters, whose name is David Brock, from before he founded this organization, and I have sustained that friendship. And he asked me to help provide ideas and advice to him and his organizations.

Q: So you began your relationship, your paid relationship, with Media Matters at the end of 2012.

A: Right.

Q: Does that continue to this day?

A: It does.

Q: Okay. And what is your salary or your contract with Media Matters? How much money are you earning from them?

A: I’d say it’s about $200,000 a year.

Q: And has that been roughly consistent from when you began receiving payment from Media Matters?

*[redacted due to Chairman Gowdy’s refusal to allow release of transcript].

A: I would say it’s — I’d have to check. I think it’s increased a little bit. It’s increased some.”

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