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George Bush’s team reacts to his naked body in Kanye’s video with classic Dubya style

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George W. Bush is a little peeved over a naked lookalike appearing in a music video, but not for reasons you might think.

The Bush camp reacted to singer Kanye West’s bizarre video featuring a bunch of famous people-impostors posing naked.

Not one to get worked up over something so ridiculous, the former president seemed to take his faux appearance in stride.

“In case there was any doubt … that is not President Bush,” a rep told TMZ. But then went on to clarify, saying the real Bush “is in much better shape.”


He’s always a class act, and it’s true, George W. is known for being in great shape and living an active outdoor lifestyle.

Of course, who could forget Kanye’s insane rant on live television following Hurricane Katrina when he ignorantly claimed the former president didn’t “care about black people.” Could it be Kanye has forgiven Bush by giving him a lookalike naked cameo in his latest work?

Nah, other fake celebs include a hodgepodge of personalities including Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Rhianna, Bill Cosby and more. Taylor Swift, is reportedly plotting revenge against Kanye for her pseudo role in the video.

Kanye even tried to pass off the 12 naked impostors as real, but didn’t fool many, if any, on that claim.  Whatever or whomever garners the most attention, I suppose.

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Feel free to watch the video below, but be warned for super-creepy adult content.


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