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Ahmed ‘Clock Boy’ Mohamed is back and the job offers rolling in are simply stunning

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He’s back…

The trouble-making  middle school student adored by President Obama and liberals everywhere has returned to Texas.

Who could forget Ahmed Mohamed who made headlines by bringing to school a self-made science project that many experts agreed looked very much like a bomb. The problem was, concerned faculty alerted authorities of a potential danger — a whopping “no-no” when the suspect happens to be Muslim.

Clock boy was eventually exonerated of any wrong doing despite reports of shady family dealings and actions that seemed like he manipulated an agenda-driven press into making him an international sensation.

Before all was said and done, Mohamed was invited to the White House, left the U.S. to live in the slave-state of Qatar, and seemingly laughed at gullible America as his family sued the school district (ultimately taxpayers) and town of Irving, TX, to the tune of $15 million.

At the time, even uber-liberal Richard Dawkins had enough of Mohamed’s antics.

But that didn’t stop the celebrations and job offers from rolling in once “homesick” Clock Boy decide to grace America with his presence once again.


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