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Saint statue in heart of Italy defaced by Muslims with ‘Allah Akbar’ – where’s the outrage?

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A famous and beloved statue in the heart of Bologna, Italy was smeared with the words “Allah Akbar,” a common religious chant among Muslims.

According to the Italian publication, La Repubblica Bologna, the statue of San Petronio, who is the patron saint of Bologna, was vandalized in the middle of the night.

Check out the vandalism here:

Itay statue allah akbar

Bologna Mayor Virginio Merola said he has already deployed a group to clean up the monument, saying that the city would not stand for such actions against the history of the area.

Likewise, the Archdiocese of Bologna strongly condemned the vandalism in a statement, as well as the president of the Bologna regional assembly, Simonetta Salt. Both said the vandalism would not be tolerated.

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