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Muslim woman at LAX launches 2 middle fingers and a crazy rant about bombing America, targeting gays

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Just one day after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, by a radicalized Muslim gunman that claimed the lives of 49 people, a Muslim woman was caught on video making terrorist threats and trashing homosexuals.

Her rant begins at the 7:10-minute mark of the video below:

The woman was being detained by police at Los Angeles International Airport when video journalist Tony Vera began recording the incident. It’s not clear why she was stopped, but after police searched the woman and went thorough her luggage, she was released.

As she walked by, Vera asked the woman what happened. But instead of explaining why police had stopped her, she instead became very belligerent, singling out “lesbians and gays.”

“F*** America,” she said, raising both middle fingers. “I will make sure we bomb America. You wait and see!”

She continued her rant for several minutes and then proceeded to the ticket counter, where police show up again and appear to arrest her.

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Tom Tillison


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