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Judge Jeanine NAILS what Brexit means for ordinary Americans who want to ‘take our country back’

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Judge Jeanine Pirro doesn’t mince words, and her Saturday night razor-sharp analysis of the U.K.’s Brexit decision was no different.

Right out of the gate on Fox News’ “Justice,” Judge Pirro gave viewers who might not understand the political and cultural ramifications of Britain’s vote to exit the E.U. all they need to know about what it means for America and Americans.

In short – a rejection of globalism and an embracing of nations seeking first and foremost what is best for them, and the rise of politicians, like Donald Trump, who speak for us and our interests.

“What happened in England is going to happen again. Next stop, the United States. Next president, Donald J. Trump. What happened in the U.K. this week is just the beginning. The world is changing and all you elite establishment, ruling class, condescending, Washington big wigs who think you know better than ordinary Americans are out. Start packing. Your days are numbered.”

“Now I told you this election was a revolution,” Pirro continued, “but even I didn’t know how big it would be. It’s worldwide…”

Pirro spoke of people’s mistrust of “fat cats in Washington and Brussels” who tell us what to do and described Europe, like America, as a place with open borders and faltering economies.

“We don’t want an internationalist country. We don’t want world banks, globalization of our economy, a country with no border and no identity. You are not allowed to change the identity of this country. Americans want a nation-state.”

According to Judge Jeanine, Americans fed up with the “”we are the world’ song and dance will catapult Donald Trump to the White House.”

“We are so beaten down by political correctness that most of us are numb to the surrender of America. And as for those naysayers, the ones who say Donald Trump just can’t win – listen up – those naysayers got it all wrong in England didn’t they?”

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