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Democrat lets slip the real reason for Dem ‘sit-in’ and it’s being called ‘unseemly’

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Last week’s sit-in staged by House Democrats — purportedly to call attention to gun control issues in the aftermath of the Orlando mass shooting — was little more than a vehicle to raise campaign funds during an election year.

And this comes from the mouth of a Democratic congressman.

When someone on a CNN panel remarked that the sit-in was all about “politicking,” Rep. Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, replied that politicking was “not to be a dirty word.”

He explained that the Democrats were politicking for a House vote on gun control. But on further examination, the real truth came out.

Panelist and CNN politics editor Mark Preston saw right through the real purpose behind the sit-in.

“Is it unseemly to be raising money off of an issue that is … so controversial and —”

Sherman interrupted with a remark about “the emotion of what happened in Orlando,” as if that made it OK as a fundraising vehicle.

“It’s one thing to send out and ask people to call into the switchboard,” Preston continued. “But is it OK to be raising money?”

CNN host Don Lemon picked up on this theme.

“People are holding up pictures of the victims from Orlando, Florida,” he said. “You’re using it as the impetus for this bill. And so the question is, as he said, is it unseemly?”

Of course it was unseemly. And the Democratic lawmakers who participated in the sit-in turned it into a carnival-like atmosphere replete with a full buffet dinner because, after all, asking for campaign donations on the backs of 49 dead takes energy.

Rep. Louie Gohmert saw through the ruse, however. The Texas Republican knew it wasn’t about gun control — it was about radical Islam.

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CNN clip via GOP War Room.


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