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ABC’s ‘Match Game’ remake was a Trump-bashing joke, with one big fat punchline, thanks to Rosie

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On Sunday, ABC rebooted several classic game shows including “Celebrity Family Feud,” “The $100,000 Pyramid” and “Match Game.”

Hosted by Gene Rayburn, the 1970’s version of “Match Game” was always packed with sexual innuendo considered risqué for its time, and plenty of political humor.

In the classic version, contestants and celebrities, like panel regulars Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers and Richard Dawson, took aim at both Republicans like President Nixon and Democrats like President Carter, but the new version shows no signs of being as non-partisan as its predecessor.

The remake was a hideous amatuer-hour version of the original. It was crass and downright stupid. What passes for a sex joke in 2016? The host telling one female guest to get up from the floor and making it very clear that he’ll be getting sexual favors from her after the show.

The show’s one politics-related question Sunday night was about Donald Trump, which couldn’t have made left-wing host Alec Baldwin and equally liberal panelist, and Trump-hater, Rosie O’Donnell happier.

“Donald Trump has created a new Olympic event that he knows he can win,” Baldwin read the to the contestant. “It’s a contest to see who can blank the most times in 60 seconds.”

The contestant, whose challenge it is to fill in the blank and match as many celebrities as he can, answered “lie.”

“Lie!” Baldwin shouted in approval.

O’Donnell mocked Trump as she matched the contestant with “lie” as her response.

And all six of the celebrity panelists made sure to make it known that none of them is a Trump supporter.

The Trump-bashing was expected, but the level of dumbing-down the producers managed to achieve in these shows made them too painful to watch.

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