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Dr. K’s seen enough of Obama’s ‘middle schooler’ act and he’s calling him–BIG TIME

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Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer unleashed a real haymaker at President Barack Obama last week in response to the Supreme Court ruling against the president’s executive amnesty, saying Obama “needed to be slapped down again.”

But Krauthammer was just getting started, as he would all but relegated Obama to middle school status.

“It is really a very strong statement from the court about the unbelievable overreach of this president and his administration,” he said of the high court’s decision.

“It’s not you know, a decision that is standing out on its own,” Krauthammer added. “This is the culmination of a string of decisions from the courts, rebuking the president and his administration for time after time exceeding its authority and stepping over the authority of other branches.”

Krauthammer pointed to a lower court ruling this week opposing the Obama administration’s EPA regulations on fracking, suggesting the judge was lecturing Obama like a child.

“It was almost as if the judge was instructing a middle school class on the Constitution: ‘Congress’s inability to pass a law desired by the executive branch does not default authority to the executive to act independently.,'” he said.

The nationally syndicated columnist then one-upped the judge.

“That’s exactly what’s happened now with the amnesty case. It happened with the recess appointment case,” he said. “The president is a chronic, he’s a recidivist on this issue… and he needed to be slapped down again.”

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Tom Tillison


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